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Brittany Jenkins, better known as Bree to her clients, has been working in mental health, life coaching, and counseling services since 2002. She brings a wide range of techniques and skills to the therapy room for couples and adult individuals to make the changes they desire. Bree is a African American and multicultural therapist, who has extensive experience working with Black, Latino, Asian, and Caucasian clients. Her training, gained in Los Angeles, from Pepperdine University (West LA area) ( Westwood, Brentwood, Santa Monica, West LA, Beverly Hills, Miracle Mile area) and the SouthBay (Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Gardena, Hawthorne, Redondo Beach,El Segundo area), exposed her to clients from every demographic: young, old, middle aged, teens, children, married, single, divorced, separated, and engaged/premarital.  Everyone wants to feel comfortable with their therapist, and Bree is sensitive to cultural issues, needs, and various styles of communicating. Beyond issues of ethnicity, Bree is LGBT affirmative in her counseling style and worked several years at LGBT counseling clinics in New Orleans, LA.

More than her comforting style with clients, Bree mixes several styles of therapy to meet the needs of the couple or individual before her. She often pulls from CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Narrative, Humanistic/Person Centered,Mindfulness  therapy, and for couples, she often uses  Attachment Theory. This integrative and eclectic style of therapy offers her clients the most results.
Bree is a full time therapist who works in her 2 private practices as a marriage and family therapist and life coach. Her Los Angeles therapy office located in Westwood serves clients in the West Los Angeles area, including brentwood, nearby UCLA, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Miracle Mile. Bree has a focus on African American, Black and Latino couples in her southbay therapy office, which services Gardena, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, and Carson. Bree is a marriage and family therapist and life coach specialist that focuses on couples, and adults with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and a multitude of mental health, social, and emotional problems.


"We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken." I want to help you fulfill your hopes to improve your life, relationships, and self. Call me for a free phone consultation and let's connect to get you the most out of therapy. I partner with clients in a non-judgmental and authentic setting to facilitate the changes you desire for your life and relationships.

I specialize in helping women and men struggling with low self-esteem, boundary setting, disordered eating, weight, and body issues, poor anger control, commitment, trust and intimacy issues, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

In couples therapy, I am passionate about working with those experiencing difficulties with communication, trust, power struggle, attachment, intimacy, and infidelity issues. Relationships are a huge cornerstone in one's life, and it's imperative that you form healthy ones. My aim is to heal and improve the areas you and your significant others struggle with. 

If you are seeking a therapist that is supportive, proactive, motivational, and authentic, then we have good reason to talk. Bringing over 8 years of clinical experience, I use an integrative model of therapy mixing various techniques to tailor your treatment. I also offer special guidance to those seeking to incorporate their spirituality.